• Jessica Chase

In search of a new kidney

In 2018 at the age of 26 I started dialysis. I've been searching for the perfect kidney. My blood type is O- and I need to find a type O kidney (- or +). Even though I was previously listed on the deceased donor list in NH, an insurance problem caused me to be taken off the list. I don't have any current potential live donors and it would seem dialysis will last forever. With that being said there are a lot of reasons to feel like giving up entirely. It is a struggle to face this reality everyday. I'm happy to tell you that even in the darkest times there is light. This journey has taught me so many beautiful things in the most excruciating ways. To live is to have faced death and to suffer is to have found faith. With every terrifying mishap I have discovered a stillness and a peace that can only come from being totally helpless. To be rendered still... is to see the world stop and when it does you see it all for what it really is. I hope and pray I will find my new kidney and begin again with a bright new perspective and thankfulness I had previously not known. I dream of hiking and camping with my girls and teaching them as much as I can. I've come to appreciate all of the things they teach me as well. I know for a fact that love is the most valuable thing in existence and I will cherish it all of the days of my life.

If you want to know more about the donation process please contact me here or call Dartmouth Hitchcock at (603) 653-3931.


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